Talismans, Fetishes, Charms, Amulets and Altars

Pagans throughout history have taken things from their world and repurposed them for magickal use. Just because one tradition or another has used certain specific material accessories doesn’t mean that their choices are the only valid ones. We can use more than sage, copper, oil, wax and crystals (to name a few).

The available tools of the technopagan are plentiful. Look to the abandoned tech all around you. What you may find as trash cast along the road or sidewalk can become part of a focus. Some examples are:

  • old batteries
  • small electronic boards
  • duct or electrical tape
  • rubber bands
  • LED lights
  • broken cell phones
  • bottle caps
  • small pieces of pipe
  • network cables
  • power supplies
  • metal discs from hard-drives
  • discarded keyboards & mice

You can find any number of useful items at swap-meets, second-hand shops, Goodwill, or just by wandering the urban areas. I will often go on material gathering quests to find stuff I can use to craft new magickal foci. I have an old leather backpack that I take with me. I don’t always know what the final purpose of things will be when I acquire them, I only know that I was drawn to these items enough to put them into my backpack.

Here are my pagan accessories. I can make necklaces and bracelets. I can sew them onto clothing and ceremonial garb. I can create art and altar centerpieces. I bestow new meaning and new purpose. They become the tools and trappings of my practice.



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