Transhumanism: Connecting to Deity

The evolution of tech has been both beneficial and treacherous to us and our environment, but I solidly believe that the journey will end with nature and technology merging. With the Singularity, all life on the Earth will change for the better.

Being pagan isn’t all about rituals, spells and altars. Our practice starts with us and is a personal relationship with whatever powers or deities we honor. Throughout history, pagans have made use of the tools at hand to accomplish their tasks. The task I’m writing about today is enhancing and improving our minds and bodies using the tools we have at hand.

As a technopagan, I see technology as a tool for connecting to the source. I also see my body as being my avatar in this realm of experience. Just like online, we want our cyber avatars to be attractive and communicate to others about our interests, our personalities, our behaviors. Truly, how you appear is your initial “business card” so to speak. It sets the tone for all following communications.

We want to look healthy, to be healthy. To have energy. Maybe to be vibrant, or magnetic. We want to be smart. To think fast. All of these things require constant choices: what clothes and jewelry we wear, what tattoos and body art we receive, how we color and style our hair, how we physically push our bodies and what we put inside of us.

In many religious and spiritual traditions, there is a goal of ascension. To rise above our current form to achieve enlightenment and immortality. This may involve uniting with the divine, deity or source. The transhuman is the evolutionary step between natural humans and post-humans. Transhumans are the result of genetic engineering, biotech implants, organ replacements and nootropics, both synthetic and natural.

At this time in human history, we can’t walk into the local Quick Med-Mart and shop for wired reflexes and cyber-eyes, but we can definitely improve our avatars through science.


Smartgear that we wear can give us constant bio-feedback. What started out as simple step trackers can now detect all types of movement. My Gearfit wrist watch can tell when I climb stairs, when I start to exercise, what my heart rate is, when I’m being sedentary (and it reminds me to move around) and can track my sleep patterns. All of this is uploaded to an app that I also use to log my water and caffeine intake, my daily weight, my blood glucose levels, food intake and how many pushups/situps I do. This is data that can be analyzed and tweaked reach an optimal physical performance.


I experiment with various nootropics for both mental and physical performance enhancement. Substances such as colloidal gold and creatine monohydrate may help enhance your mental and physical functions. There’s plenty of information online detailing different possible combinations depending on what enhancements you are seeking to provide. It’s important to note that you should do research on the effects of substances and check with your doctor to ensure there is no existing condition that could be harmful in conjunction with supplements.


There are hundreds of quality apps out there to help you get an edge using technology in categories such as binaural or isochronic tones, high frequency light pulses, subliminal programming and brain training. The brain is the master muscle, the human CPU. The more updated we keep it, the better we will function.

The ultimate goal of transhumanism is really to transcend. I think the movie Transcendence (2014) with Johnny Depp really captures this beautifully. It gives us a glimpse into the future we long to be a part of. One where technology protects and enhances life…because it is itself life.

It is an intellectual, a physical and a spiritual journey for us all.


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