Virtual Havens

We all know the value of a sacred space. Whether that is a simple altar or a massive Fortress of Solitude, it is where we can go to re-center, meditate, find sanctuary and practice our beliefs.

The online world offers us a growing number of opportunities to find such spaces. It could be something as basic as encrypted cloud storage space where you store away your most intimate thoughts and knowledge. It can hold your journals, dream diaries, Book of Shadows and all of the various collected text and images to which you feel a connection.

But even more involved than a file repository is a persistent digital world which we create. My personal favorite platform for this is Minecraft. It’s small, inexpensive and available on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox and probably other platforms as well.

It is a virtual world where I can build anything I want. I can make a small altar, or I can construct a giant temple. Any structure I can imagine, I can build. I can also do mundane things that relax me, such as building gardens or tending to farm animals. The best part is I can share it with my friends and we can inhabit this space together.

In the past, members of pagan covens had live relatively close to each other, and have a private space in which to socialize and practice. The 21st century techno pagan no longer has barriers related to their physical location on the plant. As long as we can connect to the Internet, we can access their shared space.

We can plan meetings in this 3D world including holding virtual magic rituals. We can socialize there, allowing ourselves to enjoy being with friends real-time. Using a wireless headset, we can talk to each other as easily as if we were sitting side by side.

Minecraft is great app when you already have a community of people who want to share a space. But what if you are just seeking friends? Online chat communities are a great resource as well as niche social media sites:

Fetlife is an adult oriented site that is basically the “Facebook of Fetishes”. Like Facebook, they have thousands of groups where people post on message boards and interact.

Second Life Is another 3D world that was one of the very first excursions into a graphical virtual space that people could design and use to meet. It’s a little clunky now and has a bit of a learning curve, especially if you want to design your own space.

IMVU is an all ages graphical chat room. You can create your personal avatar and dress them pretty much any way you want. You can even design your own personal chat rooms that can server as a shared space similar to Minecraft, only with more focus on the chat than it being a living world.

There are literally thousands of online communities to be found. These are just a few that I personally use. So whether it be just a social jaunt out into cyberspace on a lonely night, or a regular coven group meeting, we choose to utilize these evolving virtual spaces for whatever purpose best suites our needs.


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