Guide: Sigil Work

Disclaimer: This guide is one method for the use of sigils. It is not a discussion about what a sigil is, why or how it works. This is strictly a method for sigil work from a technopagan perspective.

Step 1: Intent

As with all efforts to materialize the Will, start with focused intent. Think about your desire. Think about your emotion. Be VERY clear in precisely what you want to occur. If you are vague here, the energy will leak and become ineffective. Type your intent into document. I have a document on the cloud to which I transcribe each and every intent I will develop into a sigil. Use exactly as many words as you feel is needed to be precise but do not use any extraneous words that do not provide additional clarity.

Step 2: Generate the Sigil

Once you have crafted the perfect wording, it’s time to create your sigil. This is the online generator I use: SIGIL GENERATOR

The two types I use are Kamena and Word sigils. I use the first to generate quick sigils for simple work, but the personalization provided by Word sigils works better for important intents.

You will type your intent into the box. For lengthy phrases, make sure the “no vowels” option is checked. For shorter texts, you can include vowels. It really depends on what feels right for you. For the Word sigil, you will drag, resize, rotate and reposition the the letters into the sigil that just “feels” right for you. You can toggle the control boxes around the letters and needed.

No matter what method you use, once you have created your sigil, use a screen-cap program (I use Shutter on Linux) to grab the sigil from your screen. Save it as an image file. I will also add this image to next to my written intent in my cloud Book of Sigils.

If you are so inclined, the generator also includes a Musical note option. For some work, I transcribe the notes into a music mixer and create a repeating the pattern alongside a drum beat then export it to mp3 to listen to during the empowerment step.

But for most sigil work, I take the image and with an image manipulation program (I use Gimp 2), create a base image that is the resolution of your phone screen, then paste the sigil onto that as a layer and resize and needed. You can also recolor to your preference. I save this to the cloud (I do my sigil creation on my laptop, but in theory you can do certain work on your mobile device).

Step 3: Empower or ‘Charge’ the Sigil

This is accomplished by expelling powerful personal energy into the image or sound. You are transferring your intent to the sigil. The easiest methods are through orgasm or pain. This is typically a solo masturbation or self-flagellation process. I will often print the image and set it in front of me and cum on it. The skill to this is: keep the intent in mind, keep the sigil in mind up to and during the orgasm. This doesn’t have to be a solo effort if you have a sex magick group. It can be done all in the same room or remotely, gathered in an online meeting such as Skype, Discord, etc. For distance group rituals, use webcams so each participant can watch each other.

Step 4: Cast the Sigil

This can be done in any number of ways. The purpose is this: to send the charged intent off to do its work. If you had printed out the sigil to cum on, imagine the image dissipating into the atmosphere and burn the paper. You can also use a bell, or electronic tones to mark the launching of your intent. Just remember to focus it, send it out into the universe and let it go.

Sometimes, especially with work that involves direct changes in my life, I will place the sigil on my lock screen (or play the mp3 I create quietly on my headphones). Throughout the day I will see it briefly and be reminded that it is working. It provides comfort. I do this when I want to change something in my environment: health, financial changes, relationships, etc.

Sigils can be reused if they still feel relevant to you when you look at them. My Book of Sigils probably contains a few hundred (created over the years, with various methods) and many of them I have cast more than once. These are personal and relevant to the caster or the magick group and should not be available to anyone who was not personally involved with first charging them.

Reused sigils must of course be recharged before they are cast again.


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