Overview: The Human OS and Reprogramming

The brain is our personal version of the Human OS. We all share certain kernel applications that are developmentally difficult to reprogram. These include breathing, heartbeat, digestion, blood pressure, sleep-cycles and reflex actions such as blinking, sneezing, coughing, gagging, etc.

The brain is a dual processor, with the right and left hemisphere processing in tandem. We have multiple input sources we call the “senses”. Data about our surroundings is delivered to the brain via the nervous system using changing electrical states. In tech terms, we would call these “bits” of data, ones and zeros.

The human brain processes around 400 billion bits (50 gigabytes) per second. Sensory input makes up for a very small portion of this. The eyes relay about 10 megabytes of data per second. Our skin is relating about 1mb per second. Our eyes and ears typically relate about 100 kilobytes per second and taste accounts for a data stream of about 1kbps.

“Lasting reprogramming must occur at the subconscious level.”

The majority of sensory input is processed by the subconscious. For the typical mind, everything except about 40 bits per second is filtered from the conscious. This represents our situational awareness. The conscious mind accesses memories from our past to calculate responses based on our will. Our subconscious is forever in the present. It is never concerned about anything except what is going on right at this moment. It doesn’t plan. It doesn’t remember. These are processes of the conscious.

So what part of the Human OS can we program? The conscious mind is the easiest, but it’s also the least powerful. We can train ourselves to think certain ways. We can learn new methods of thought. We can read self-help books, go to workshops, and attend seminars. But these programs will mostly have no long-term effect on how the subconscious interprets the “now”. Lasting reprogramming must occur at the subconscious level.

Programming Methods

We have three primary avenues of Human OS programming available to us:

Cognitive Therapy: conscious modifications to behavior responses applied over time with the goal of affecting subconscious changes.

Meditation: Focused conscious thought meant to retrain subconscious perceptions.

External Methods: Using chemical and technological means to change brain processes. These include such things as medications, electro-stimulus, binaural frequencies, light pulses, and isochronic tones.

The most effective procedures for programming will include aspects of all three methods and will likely need to be tweaked on an individual basis, since each of us is running a custom modified version of the Human OS.



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